Fakude & Assoicates

Practice Areas

Fakude & Associates is a full service South African law firm providing the best available legal advice, merging technicalities of the law with the requirements of business and the individual, providing legal services across the spectrum of the law including but not limited too the following services:

Labour Law

We offer advice, experience and services in labour law, including:

  • workplace discipline

  • litigation in specialist labour law forums

  • labour disputes in local government

  • the drafting of labour contracts

  • implications of labour legislation on corporate restructuring

  • collective bargaining

  • industrial relations audits

  • all aspects of employment law

  • on-site training on all aspects of employment law

Competition Law

We have 20 years experience in this field, which came into far greater prominence in South Africa under the Competition Act No. 89 of 1998, which came into effect in late 1999. This is a difficult and growing field, increasingly intrusive into the affairs of business. A company’s time spent on taking advice, is time well spent. We guide clients through the requirements for:

    • mergers and acquisitions

    • merger notifications

    • exemption applications

    • interim relief applications

    • objections to mergers

  • complaints about business practices made to Competition regulator and of codes of company practice to avoid breach of the law

Matrimonial & Family Law

We offer advice on all aspects of family law and litigation including:

  • Antenuptial contracts

  • Maintenance

  • Divorce

  • Access

  • Custody

  • Minors’ rights

Engineering & Building Contracts

We offer advice and service on:

  • arbitration, mediation and general dispute resolution

  • litigation

  • building & engineering contracts

  • claims

  • joint ventures including international relationships

Estate and Trust Law

Our Trust Department offers advice and service in the following:

  • estate planning

  • the drafting of wills

  • the winding up of deceased estates

  • the establishment of inter vivos family planning trusts

  • the establishment of charitable trusts

  • the establishment of trusts for property-owning purposes

  • the administration of trusts

  • advice on the powers and duties of executors and trustees

Consumer Protection Act

Advising on and assisting clients with matters in the Consumer Protection Act.

Administrative Law

Advising on and assisting clients with matters in Administrative law.

Constitutional Law

Advising on and assisting clients with matters in Constitutional law.

Commercial Mergers & Acquisitions

We assist clients with legal requirements in mergers, acquisitions, purchase and sale of business rights, and we co-ordinate this field with related matters such as competition law and taxation as they affect the transaction. 

We have a reputation as a leader in commercial law and we are considered specialists therein, providing innovative tailor-made advice on solutions including:

  • joint ventures

  • mergers & acquisitions

  • stock exchange matters

  • capital raising

  • tax structuring 

  • purchase and sale of businesses


All aspects of commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution are covered with an emphasis on:

  • property related disputes

  • leasing

  • international property law

  • banking law

  • insolvent and deceased estates

  • sport and entertainment disputes

  • commercial matters

​ National Credit Act

Advising on and assisting clients with matters in the National Credit Act.