Fakude & Assoicates

Message from CEO

As we approach the end of the year, I wish to take a moment to thank you for  your contribution in the running of our business, reflect on 2020, and look ahead  to 2021. 

This year will be remembered for the worldwide Covid -19 pandemic. We all  had to deal with major changes, adapt and grow accustomed to a new  normal. We thank you for your support and going an extra mile during these  extraordinarily challenging times. 

As we approach 2021, what will it bring? 

The COVID-19 pandemic is unleashing a new era of change for businesses as  well. Companies have seen the effects of high-consequence, low-likelihood  risks first hand. While corporate decision makers cannot plan for every  potential risk, I have examined some ways we can prepare for extra ordinary  risks, determine which protections are worth the investment, and position  ourselves for better resiliency. As CEOs continue to develop their covid exit  strategies, I have analyzed how our company have found a successful covid  exit path with transformations that balance portfolio moves and performance  improvements. 

We will continue with our commitment to transformation of the legal services  sector in South Africa. We will continue to grow, expand and develop our  service offering to our longstanding and new clients. We will continue with our  efforts to the best at law we can be to each and every one of our clients. Our  staff will be more tech savvy. We will stop at nothing, upgrading and training  our employees constantly. 

Many law firms implemented pay cuts, layoffs and other austerity measures in  the spring and summer in response to economic pressures the coronavirus  pandemic created. Months later, some of them have either rolled back some  austerity measures or made additional cuts, or some combination of the two.It  doesn’t take a prophet to see that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to 

have lasting consequences on our lives and the way we do business. The  nature of these changes, however, is less clear. What will the impact be  on Fakude & Associates law firm operations? 

Younger or luckier firms probably haven’t considered forming an internal  crisis team until now, although we also did not, we managed to stand firm  and survived through. Most businesses today have been forced to  embrace cloud technology and video conferencing software like Zoom  or GoToMeeting — and 

they’re finding that it’s not so bad. Maybe even better and so do I think,  Fakude & Associates will embark on joining such companies in evolving with  technology.This doesn’t just mean that our firm will adopt video conferencing  software. Physical presence in the office will be supported by digital side of  things, it will be more important than ever to embrace digital transformation as  a result. 

Fortunately, our firm has a plan in place to ensure business continuity so that  we are operational and fully available to handle client matters as seamlessly  as possible. Our plan includes enhancements to our already established work  capabilities, which enable our attorneys and staff to continue to be responsive  to our client’s needs throughout any closures that may take place. We will  remain reachable by phone, video, and email as normal, and we will continue  to have full access to our systems, and face-to-face meetings, please know  that with our systems in place, we will stand ready to assist our clients with any  challenges they are facing or questions they have. We realize each client,  each business, and each industry will feel the effects in different ways, and our  attorneys and support staff are prepared to help navigate this territory, or to  just lend an ear. Hence I have decided to identify the need to invest in  personal growth and professional fulfilment of each and everyone of our  employees in 2021. It is my belief that by doing this, the firm will maximise its  efficiency and profitability.

As legal clients evolve, so do their expectations no matter their level of income.  Convenient solutions and immediate responses have become the norm in  many sectors. Law firms have been encouraged to keep up, catch up, or be  left behind and of course, how can Fakude & Associates be left behind? I am  working at implementing strategies that will take our firm to greater heights in  2021 and enable it to compete at national level. This transformation will allow  clients to receive more complex advice on different issues. By investing in  technology, the firm will attempt to benefit from it. It is no secret that the legal  industry is rapidly transforming and today, law firms and legal departments  from all over the world are feeling the pressure to respond.Perhaps it’s no  wonder; clients expect better and more efficient customer service and law  firms feel the need to stand out from the crowd. Fakude and Associates too,  feels the need to stand out to the light and serve its purpose along with the  world change.  

Today, I would like to acknowledge the strength in our team. Each member  working tirelessly, harnessing all their energy and skills to meet the needs of our  clients and colleagues, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. 

For that, I want to thank all Fakude & Associates employees who have adjusted  their way of working to continue supporting our valued customers and  colleagues I am proud of the work values, spirit, devotion and unity I have  observed in our employees across the firm, as we adapt to a new reality. I know  how extraordinary these times have been for all of you guys and our business.  I believe solidarity will help us get through this together. We will continue to  provide the world with utmost legal support and services. 

In these moments of uncertainty, there is one thing I can always count on— your commitment to my business and its success. I am extremely honoured to  have each and every one of you working for me today and in the future.

Mr Fakude